Our community center provides a safe environment for residents to be active and interact with fellow members. It is a positive charged space that offers a series of tailored programs for individuals of all age groups, with opportunities for learning and recreation in an inclusive manner, fostering feelings of solidarity and social responsibility, all conducive to personal progress and growth.

Be Beirut wants to empower the citizens of Beirut, and help them rise again, strong and hopeful. We want to build their capacities to become resourceful, qualified, and fully functional in their societies. The best way to commence our journey towards that goal is to establish community centers, which serve as focal points in meeting the needs of vulnerable people. A community center is vital for the rehabilitation and unification of a community, where it provides an environment for residents to reinvent themselves, be active and interact with fellow members, creating social bonds which help build cohesive communities.

We chose Rmeil for our pilot center, an area known for its high poverty rates, threatening the fundamental needs of people and eroding access to basic services such as health and education. Shortly after we opened our second center in Sassine area. These centers are the first of many others to be launched throughout Beirut. A series of tailored programs and projects are in place for individuals of all age groups, from children to the elderly.

Through our Be-Long program, the community center will act as a safe space for residents within the area, where they can participate in awareness raising sessions and social activities, developed according to their needs. The center will also hold a library with books of interest for all ages. The center will offer soft skills training, revolving mainly around entrepreneurship, digital learning, active citizenship and good governance.

Be Beirut wants to address the health gaps and needs of the residents who are not able to afford quality medical support. A General Practitioner will be at the community center for several days a week, giving medical checkups and administering general medical treatment. A certified psychologist will also be recruited at the community center, to provide mental health support for those who demonstrate psychological disorders. We also aim to provide medical insurance to at least 100 individuals.

Alongside the common services, more age-specific programs are in place. Kids will have their share of attention at the center, through civic education, teaching them their role as active citizens.

Several empowerment programs are set for our youth, starting with life skills training that will give them better career prospects followed by the leadership program which will train individuals to create community groups and head their own community led initiatives.

Adults and parents will be financially supported through our Be-Side You program, aiming to enhance the economic cycle of a particular community.

Our elderly support project will ensure that the senior citizens of our community get the special attention we owe them. From providing cooked meals, to medical care and companionship, we will make sure they have the necessities needed for a dignified living.

Other Projects