Be-Side You project implements a micro-economy plan, aiming to enhance the economic cycle of a particular community, by distributing E-cards to the inhabitants, which can be redeemed for groceries at small businesses within the vicinity of that community. This initiative will support less endowed people while helping small shops that are struggling to survive within a rapidly expanding macro economy.

The program will initially provide 200 of the most vulnerable families living in the affected areas with monthly E-cards filled with the equivalent of 50$ in LBP, which can be redeemed for food and essential household items at shops within their neighborhood.

The idea behind using E-cards, instead of distributing cash or items, is to avoid trespassing on people’s dignities, while giving them flexibility and autonomy in procuring their household needs. E-cards offer the users some degree of control and independence, allowing them to shop at their own discretion, eliminating the inconvenience of delivery and storage of items. This initiative will help revitalize local economies by increasing the purchasing power of the community and volume of trade, creating a healthy cycle. This will enliven the area through increased market activity, giving people the chance to go out and do their own shopping, while interacting with their fellow community members.

Be Beirut will select the primary receivers of the E-cards from our database of families, collected through surveys. Beneficiaries are prioritized following a score system, which is based on meeting certain criteria. For instance, those homes that are housing elderlies or with more than 5 members will score higher, qualifying them among the first to receive the cards. We will distribute the E-cards to the selected individuals at our community center, explaining to them the details of their usage.

Be Beirut is being very selective of shops participating in the program, choosing them based on their fair prices and good service. We want the consumers to get maximum value for their card allowances. The selected shop owners will be oriented on how they will benefit from the project and how the E-cards system works.

We seek to be as comprehensive as possible and will widen the options for shopping by including as many vendors as possible within the area.

Be-Side You project aims to improve the living conditions of those heavily afflicted by the deteriorating economy. Each trimester, 200 new households will be added to the program, to reach a total of 800 households in 12 months. We hope that this modest initiative will help alleviate some families’ financial burden, and lift some of the strain off our economy.

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