the Beirut blast, many elderly in the city are impoverished and rely on support provided by their families. Many are also suffering from various post traumatic mental health issues and are in need of psycho-social support. Our elderly support project will ensure that the senior citizens of our community get the special attention we owe them. From providing cooked meals and groceries, to medical care and companionship, we will make sure they have the necessities needed for a dignified living. We will be assembling a team of certified case managers and social workers who will ensure that the elderly remain safe, healthy, physically active and emotionally well, living independently in the comfort of their own homes.

Ultimately, we want to open a senior center, where senior citizens can meet up during the day, socialize and take part in inclusive and fun classes.

In an effort to achieve these goals, we will foster strategic alliances across Lebanon, creating a better world for old people.

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