In the aftermath of the devastating port explosion and the economic collapse, the people of Beirut are going through compounded negative emotions, leaving many feeling troubled and unhappy. Just by taking a look at ourselves, conversing with our family, friends or colleagues, we realize how we are all disturbed, confused, insecure and generally discouraged. Many are also suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of the explosion. Today you find Rmeil citizens of all ages having feelings of anxiety, sadness and fear, which if left untreated can lead to crippling depression and a hindrance to leading a functional and happy life.

Mental health is a key component to our well-being and to the proper functioning in our daily lives. Sadly, drawing attention to our mental well-being is somewhat a taboo in our society, and people often judge those who seek such help. We need to change our outlook on the matter and understand that psychological trouble is very normal and common among all people, especially during these turbulent times. Mental health needs to be addressed because a clear mind and balanced emotions are imperative to our moving forward and leading fulfilling lives.

The act of talking, expressing and releasing is cleansing, liberating and finally empowering. There is immense relief in people coming together and expressing themselves within a safe environment, with the guidance of a specialized psychologist.

We have launched our mental health program, named “the empowerment circle” and sessions are now regularly taking place t the center. The program is a series of 12 group therapy sessions, with each session consisting of 8 people within the same age group, guided by a certified psychologist. In these sessions, they will share, release negative emotions and express themselves, amidst other individuals facing the same problems.

Group therapy is very beneficial in the sense that participants get to listen to others, relate to them, and feel that they are not alone in what they are going through. The issues to be addressed in the sessions will be decided through conducting general assessments, after which the sessions will take the direction that goes with the needs of the participants.

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