Kids from the age 5 to 12 have a big share at our center. Children in the area have been through so much, and we want to make them feel better and help them develop in a healthy manner. We will start them off with sessions on civic education, teaching them that they are a vital part of a society and that their actions have an impact on the world around them. They will learn early on about their rights and civic duties and will be guided on how to become responsible and effective elements within their country. 

In parallel, the children will join others their age in our art therapy classes. Art is a powerful tool that can be used to improve overall well-being and contribute to lowering anxiety and stress levels. Art helps children deal with negative situations and helps them release and express otherwise suppressed feelings. At our center, through art therapy, we will develop the children’s cognitive skills and help promote their individual development and growth. Art will also help raise self-esteem and confidence, while advancing the child’s social skills.  

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